Full/Part Rewire

Considering a Full or Part Rewire? You need a fully qualified electrician

The life expectancy of a new electrical installation is approximately 20 Years. There are many factors that affect the life expectancy i.e. the type of wiring and how it was used. As the life of an installation is pretty long, it is easy to forget that it will eventually need replacing.

Electrical rewiring involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical equipment i.e. cables, fittings, distribution boards (fuse boxes) and S.Trott Electrical Services are very experienced in this type of electrical work.

Contemplating a complete rewire is a huge undertaking but very worthwhile in updating your home electrics to meet current regulations and most importantly, safety standards. A rewire will also make the electrical wiring in your home more capable of meeting today’s demands in terms of electrical appliances.

f your electrical wiring was installed many years ago (especially pre 1970’s) it is likely that the installation was not planned to accommodate the level of electrical equipment that you have today.

You may not have enough sockets in the right places. You may use extension leads which may cause your appliances to overload electrical circuits. You may also want additional lighting or power to a garage or shed.

S.Trott Electrical Services can update all this for you in one go and will make the experience as stress-free as possible for you. We offer free no obligation quotations for work ranging from a full rewire to a selection of small alterations and repairs and all our work is fully certified.

How safe is your wiring your home?

In less time than you may think, the electrics in your home can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear. It’s important to get them inspected and tested to check they’re still safe to use. Download here

Does your house need a rewire?

Many houses in the UK still have old wiring. This is not only unsafe and a potential fire hazard but is also less efficient than modern systems. It can also affect the resale value of your house, as old wiring almost certainly is highlighted as a major problem during a survey.

If you have old wiring in your house, for example fabric or rubber covered flex you should seriously consider having a complete rewire.

At S.Trott Electrical Services we can completely redesign your electrical system to include sufficient socket outlets located in the right places to accommodate your needs, a state of the art consumer unit to replace your old fuse box which will contain residual current devices and circuit breakers. Rewiring a house is a major undertaking, but rest assured we will carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you need a rewire – here is an initial checklist

  • Does your fuse box have replaceable fuse wire?
  • Do your plugs or sockets get hot or have scorch marks?
  • Do fuses blow regularly?
  • Do you have to use extension leads and adaptors?
  • Do you have lights that use the old, twisted type flex?
  • Do you have rubber covered flex?
  • Do you have round pin plugs and sockets?
  • Are your cables missing an earth cable?
  • Do you use electrical equipment outdoors?
  • Has your wiring been checked in the last 10 years?
Full Rewire

A full rewire involves replacing all cables, fittings and distribution equipment. Cables can be chased into the walls & completely hidden. Alternatively a rewire can involved a surface rewire where the cables are hidden in mini trunking fitted onto the surface of the walls.

Part Rewire

A part rewire may be the replacement of a section of the installation or just updating of the fuse boxes, fittings or cables to upgrade an installation to the current regulations and efficiency.

What are the benefits of completely rewiring your home?

  • You can feel reassured that the wiring in your home is clean, new and safe
  • You can feel assured your wiring meets the demands you make on it
  • If you decide to sell your home, a recent rewire may well help your sale to go through
  • There should be no nasty surprises when surveys (incl a review of the electrics) take place
  • You get rid of all those trailing cables
  • You get rid of extension leads and reduce the risk of overloading electrical circuits
  • Imagine having power exactly where you want it!

We offer quotations for domestic rewires free of charge with no obligation and all our work is comprehensively certified, as well as under warranty.

Making Your Rewire Less Stressful

It is helpful if you consider rewiring your home before you undertake a lot of decorating as creating new sockets and moving lights and switches does create mess and often redecorating becomes necessary in some rooms.

Some customers ask how they should prepare their home in advance of our arrival. Obviously the easiest time to have a rewire is before you move in! However, if you are living in the property it helps if you can reduce general clutter and large items of furniture are moved a short distance from the wall.

Contact S.Trott Electrical Services today for a free quotation of all your electrical rewiring needs.

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