Installing Outdoor Electric Lighting, Sockets, Switches, Clocks and Heaters

You need a Part P approved domestic electrician

Outdoor Electric Lighting

Outdoor lighting comes in many forms, from a single light by your front door, low energy flood lights with or without sensors, an array of patio lights to garden lighting.

Outdoor Electric Sockets

Do you wish you had a handy electric sockets outside making use of power tools like an electric lawn power or strimmer much easier to use, leaving no trailing cables through your home. What about at Christmas when you want to add a Christmas decoration by the front door?

Weatherproof sockets can be attached to the outside of your house wall making the use of your equipment outdoors are much safer and easier to use. When the lid is closed they can offer protection from the severest weather conditions.

Outdoor Electric Switches

Outdoor switches are designed for just that, the safe use of switches outside. They can be installed on a house wall or outbuilding for convenient operation of outdoor lights or directly wired into electrical appliances.

Outdoor Electric Wall Clocks

Garden clocks are weatherproof and designed to be attached to your house or garden wall. With a wide range of styles you can choose from traditional station clocks to simple modern designs – you’l find one which will be an attractive and practical addition to your garden. They are a great reminder if you need to keep an eye on the time whilst spending valuable time in your garden. What about a barometer to keep an eye on the weather. Some clocks also include a barometer.

Outdoor Electric Heater

You have laid a new patio or built a decked area outside your conservatory. Outdoor heaters are a perfect solution to fully enjoying your outdoor area with friends when the temperature drops at night. They can be wall mounted, or installed in the canopy of your parasol. Outdoor heaters can have thermostatic, time switch and passive infrared control, they can be set to switch on at a predetermined time and temperature. When sitting in the garden on a cool evening the passive infra red detector will turn on the heater instantly, keeping you nice and warm and able to continue your evening outdoors.

Waterproof electric patio heaters come with an IP classification that is required by electricians in order for them to be able to install and certificate the electrical installation as well as complying with UK ‘Part P’ electrical installation regulations. The cheap ‘look-alike’ electric patio heaters do not have an IP rating and should be avoided.

Pest Control

There is nothing worse that sitting outdoors with friends, or taking time out to sunbathe and be annoyed by flying insects like flies and wasps. Electric outdoor fly killers are ideal for use in outdoor areas to kill and get rid of flies, bluebottles, gnats, moths, wasps, mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insect pests.

S. Trott Electrical Services can offer safety advice and installation ideas for your garden. We offer free no obligation quotations and all our work is comprehensively certified.

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